Thursday, 18 August 2016

Merlin's Vow Gallery now open

Merlin's Vow - where it happened

My apologies for the pause between publishing Merlin's Vow and uploading the gallery of pictures behind the story. However you can now click on the 'Merlin's Vow Gallery' and see some of the inspirational places I visited when researching for the book.

Right now I'm typing in my favourite spot for writing when I'm at home - in my very own storyteller's chair. Yes, it really is called that! (Here's a picture of the chair minus me.) One of our cats is curled up across the room and I'm looking out towards the Cornish hills through a honeysuckle arch. Wonderful.

For those of you who've read Merlin's Vow, I hope you enjoyed it. One of the greatest pleasures is hearing from people who've read my books, I love getting feedback, whether directly on here in the 'Contact me' box, or as a review or rating on Amazon or Goodreads. (If you have the time, a review is very, very special - especially if you liked it!)  

There won't be many updates on here in the next few weeks because we'll be in France and, although we will be able to pick up a signal, it's a VERY slow one. However, if you want to contact me, I'll get your messages and I'll make sure I reply! 

I'll leave you with a photo taken beside a river in a Cornish valley, and one of an evening in my garden.

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