Friday, 24 May 2013

Meet Arthur, the Crow man and the time travellers.

Time traveller, Excalibur and knight discoverer, Cornish, skateboarder,
Arthur Penhaligon: Time traveller? Inheritor? Skateboarder? 

Introducing Arthur, the Crow Man and the time travellers.

It's highly likely that if you're reading this post, you've got a copy of 'The Golden Sword', (at present only available in kindle but very soon in paperback as well) and wanted to find out more about some of the main characters.

I've got to know them so well that  to me they're as real as anyone I might meet. I could tell you all about them, and their families, but for now I'll confine myself to those in the post's title - otherwise this might be an extremely long post!
Throughout writing 'The Golden Sword', and the subsequent books in 'The Camelot Inheritance' series, the Arthur I've come to know is the boy in the photo.
He's dark-haired, brown-eyed, and quietly charismatic. Arthur spends a lot of time hanging out with his close friends, Nick and Tamar - and of course Tamar's dog, Mug Shot. His main passion in life is skateboarding, especially at the Yard, a newly converted skate-park in town.

author-illustrator, illustration,
Tamar's dog, Mug Shot - as imagined and drawn by Rosie Morgan
Up until now, life has been pretty ordinary but all that is about to change.
One summer's morning in the small Cornish town of Lyskeret a sinister stranger arrives, and within a day the lives of Arthur, Nick and Tamar are changed forever.
Crow Man, sinister baddie, The Golden Sword
Meet the Crow Man
He's dark, dangerous and sinister. Not someone you'd want to meet if you were by yourself at night - or anywhere at all in fact. And everywhere he goes, he's accompanied by a crow., illustration, author/illustrator
The crow - as imagined and drawn by Rosie Morgan
And now, as I said I'll introduce you to the time travellers, and I will, but not in pictures. 
Viatoris and Servo are the two Watchers who've been assigned to observing the progress of Arthur Penhaligon. Their arrival occurs on the same day as the sinister Crow Man, but theirs is a quieter, less obvious entrance, because whenever possible they have to be invisible to those around them. 

For one of them, Servo, this task is made more difficult because he's also cataloguing the progress of a boy in Egypt, 3000 years away in time. 
The other boy's name is Joseph. He's the youngest son of Jacob and his brothers are furiously jealous of him because he's his father's favourite son. Jacob has even given him a beautiful coat marking him out as special. Not the wisest of parental moves!

So for Viatoris, life is relatively straightforward, his only commission is to observe Arthur Penhaligon in Cornwall in the 21st century (in this book anyway). But for Servo life is going to be a whole lot more complicated!

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