Thursday, 14 July 2016

Merlin's Vow released.
St Michael's Mount, Cornwall, a major part of Merlin's Vow -
 #3 The Camelot Inheritance.

Book 3 of The Camelot Inheritance hits the shelves.

Magic from the word 'go'.

Hi folks and sorry for the long silence - life has been full-on but, at last, the third in the series is out there!

Before I rabbit on, I must say a huge thank you to those people who've discovered the book in the week since it was published, and have already given it some lovely ratings on Amazon U.S. and Goodreads. What stars you are!

I've loved watching the story unfold as I've written it. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I've been involved - characters and events can take on a life of their own. Dragon has become even more important, Nick's humour more developed - and Tamar more challenged by her own very special gift. It takes guts to be a successful Time Keeper.
You can get a glimpse of the characters and the story with the 'Look inside' feature on Amazon.
Click here for Amazon UK.
Click here for Amazon USA.

Pretty soon I'm going to put a gallery of photos together which were the inspiration for the settings in 'Merlin's Vow'. In the meantime, here's the map of Trezion - where most of the action takes place.
Trezion - loosely based on Marazion

Whereas this is the real Marazion.

And then there's the island - St Michael's Mount. On my map it's easily spotted. (If you look up Merlin's Vow on Amazon, you'll see the illustration heading Chapter 1, featuring the island.)
St Michael's Mount - the model for the Little Mount in Merlin's Vow
As ever the Cornish landscape has provided a beautiful backdrop. If you don't know the UK, Cornwall is a county (much like a small state in the USA or a department in France), on the very end of our country. The island and the village of Marazion are pretty close to the end of the county - and one of my favourite parts of my beloved Cornwall. 

My thanks must go to Sally Vince, my wonderful editor who enabled my story to fly; Katie Stewart of Magic Owl design, my creative cover designer, for her patience and clever interpretation of my ideas; and to Helen Blenkhorn, Dragon's life-giver. Also THANK YOU to each and every one of my friends and family who have encouraged and spurred me on.
And always, and at all times, grâce à Dieu.

Keep watching for the gallery, then you really will see the backdrop to Merlin's Vow!

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