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 'The Golden Sword', 'The Time Smugglers' and 'Merlin's Vow' are available as ebooks and paperbacks.

To find out more of what people are saying about them, have a look at my review page.

If you live in the UK and you'd like a signed copy for a special gift, email me via the contact box, I'd be delighted to send you one.  

Both 'The Golden Sword' and 'The Time Smugglers' are stocked by the Book Depository: 

They deliver free - worldwide!   

Click here for The Golden Sword

Click here for The Time Smugglers

You might like to buy 'The Golden Sword' if you, or a friend or a relative enjoys:

Books about King Arthur
Books with exciting action and adventure
Books about myths and legends
Books about teenage heroes
Books about magic  (I love books with a sprinkling of magic.)

The same goes for 'The Time Smugglers', although I would add you might like to buy it if you like:

Books about time travel
Books about dragons  (fairly tiny ones!)

And if you would like a book that has all of the above - and Merlin, then I think you would like 'Merlin's Vow'.

To buy 'The Time Smugglers' #2 The Camelot Inheritance on Amazon - follow these links:

To buy 'Merlin's Vow' #3 The Camelot Inheritance on Amazon - follow these links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

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