Gallery: The Time Smugglers

'The Time Smugglers' is the second in 'The Camelot Inheritance' series; it's about time it had its very own gallery.

Again the book is set in beautiful Cornwall, although more of the action takes place in and around the coast with a brief foray inland.

It's probably best if we start with the map at the beginning of the book. Although not strictly representative, the map is fairly close to the south-east Cornwall I live in.


Okay, so you can see the layout of the coast of south-east Cornwall. This is pretty much true to the real coastal layout.
Let's begin with Porth Pyra - in reality it's Polperro, a tiny fishing port. Way back in the past it was one of the areas where smuggling was the norm. One of my characters is called Zephaniah - there was a real Zephaniah in the late 1700's - he was known as the smugglers banker.

Gorgeous right? Hardly changed in years.

Along the coast from Porth Pyra or Polperro, there's Porth Talant, or Talland Bay. It's situated in the middle of the coastal villages. This isn't a village, it's a bay with a few houses scattered nearby. There's a beautiful little church on the hill above the bay. This is the churchyard where quite a lot of the action takes place - and where there are some very interesting meetings.

If you've read the book you'll recognise these steps. I wonder if you can remember where they were? The bay is one of our favourite places. We often walk the path from Talland Bay to Polperro and back again, Fabulous.

And now on to Pendrym, or Looe, this little town straddles a river, A two-carriage train links the main line at Liskeard, (which runs all the way down from London to Penzance on the tip of Cornwall) to Looe, lots of people use the train to bring them on their holidays to the sea.

And finally we're off to the mysterious inland of south-east Cornwall - Bodmin Moor. (A lot of the action in the first book took place up here.) There is a lake called Dozmary Pool; this 'pool' has mythical links with the lake which is the supposed home to Excalibur. 

This area is another setting in 'The Time Smugglers', if you've read the book you'll know which part of the book is set there but I'm not going to give any more details in case I spoil it for you.

So there you are folks. My Cornwall as seen in 'The Time Smugglers'. 

Book three is coming along well, I'm about three-quarters of the way through and loving the writing. If you want to be put on a mailing list for me to tell you when it's available, just put your name and email in the contact box in the sidebar and I'll send you a note when the book is ready.

See you soon!

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