Friday, 14 October 2016

The story of a teeny tiny indie author - and a surprisingly friendly giant.

Once upon a time, in the faraway and magical land of Cornwall (see picture below) there lived a teeny, tiny author.

And this teeny, tiny author lived in a normal-sized house with a very kind and normal-sized man called Peter and two normal-sized cats called Oz and James.
Day after day, week after week, and month after month everybody in the normal-sized house lived very happily -  until one day.
The Day When Life Changed
On that particular day the teeny, tiny author woke up and thought,  I don't feel at all well, and, My legs don't work.  
(Actually, on that day the author wasn't an author at all, she was a teacher who loved being with children because they made the world light up.)
But on The Day When Life Changed the teeny, tiny author had to stop being with children who made the world light up, because a nasty bug had carried all her energy to a distant land. 
Sooo ...
instead of being with children who made the world light up the teeny, tiny not-yet author began writing words, and the words grew into sentences and the sentences grew into stories. In fact her teeny, tiny head nearly EXPLODED with the ideas pushing and shoving to get her attention.
And then there were the pictures - which grew and grew out of nothing at all!

But, sadly, when they were finished . . . the stories were very, very shy.
They were so shy that they didn't even want to creep out of the front door.
But one day they woke up and the door was wide open and Peter was pointing meaningfully to the big, wide world. The time had come to leave the safety of the normal-sized house.
Which is when the stories and the teeny, tiny author met the giant. 
And it wasn't any old giant, it was a world-famous giant.
Some people were actually scared of it!
BUT, the teeny, tiny author took a deep breath and tapped the giant on his knee and the giant slowly turned and looked down.
She took another deep breath. 
'Mr Giant, I know you like stories ...' she began nervously, 'so may I introduce you to some of mine?'
The giant considered the teeny, tiny author and the shy and frightened stories.
At first he didn't say anything; he just looked.
And then ...

very slowly

he smiled a great, big smile

and said,

'I like the look of these stories . . . I'd like to share them.'
The Golden Sword (The Camelot Inheritance ~ Book 1): A mystery adventure book for teens and older children age 10 -14 by [Morgan, Rosie]
The teeny, tiny author smiled a great big smile back at the giant and the pages fluttered and the letters skipped and the writing danced.

Then the friendly giant asked, 'May I share these stories with my friends?'
The teeny, tiny author could hardly believe her ears but she nodded her head and said, 'Oh, yes please, I'd love that.'
So the friendly giant told all his friends and LOTS of people got to know the stories and the teeny, tiny author began to feel a little bit bigger, and her stories began to feel a little bit braver and the writing danced and the pages quivered with delight.
But best of all the not-so teeny, tiny author was able to share her stories with children who make the world light up.

And the moral of this tale is: Amazon can be quite a friendly giant.
This teeny, tiny author is definitely smiling a great, big smile. And to all the other teeny, tiny authors out there - maybe you're not as small as you think you are.

I still feel quite teeny, tiny but I'm gradually getting bigger. 

Here's the US link:

The Golden Sword (The Camelot Inheritance ~ Book 1): A mystery adventure book for teens and older children age 10 -14 Kindle Edition

And the ranking as of Friday 14th October - always changeable though!
4.5 out of 5 stars    24 customer reviews
Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #7,687 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

             But, as I've said before, all of it is grâce à Dieu - thanks to God.  

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