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Of course the third in The Camelot Inheritance series is still set in Cornwall, where else? But this time the action has shifted to west Cornwall. Most of it is centered on the real and beautiful Mount's Bay with St. Michael's Mount a few hundred metres out to sea. The village of Marazion is quaint and typically Cornish with its narrow streets and cottages.

In Merlin's Vow, I've changed the island's name to the Little Mount, and Marazion has become Trezion. But all the time I was writing the real places were there, fixed in my consciousness. Some liberties have been taken with the geography of the place, however the castle bears a pretty close resemblance to the real thing - and the village atmosphere is real enough.

But what you really want to see are pictures, right? So I won't yatter on too much except to add a few comments clarifying just where the photos were taken. (While I was uploading these pictures seagulls were swooping above my conservatory, screeching at each other. They really are the most argumentative birds!)

The Mount seen from the beach. The tide was in,
so Pete and I couldn't walk across - we had to take a boat.

You may remember Uncle Kitto travelling through portals.
The Belisha beacons, which acted as portals in Trezion, look like this.

And do you remember when the Ice lady was talking about that earlier monarch
who had arrived unexpectedly and was shown around by the housekeeper? That story is true.
It was Queen Victoria and her footsteps are commemorated by these metal imprints. 

The paths leading to the castle from the foot of the island are cobbled.
They're made up of lots of rounded stones set into the ground and are quite slippery.

In Merlin's Vow I refer to the cottages on the island.
People who work on the island live there. What a wonderful place to live!

I think that this was my favourite room in the castle. If I could choose to have any
sort of room in my house, it would be a library like this! This is the room Uncle Kitto saw
when the book showing the map became 3D.

This table is the inspiration behind the one
in Merlin's library - except of course that one had
names carved into it. 

The myth of the giant is alive and well. Sorry, please excuse the pun!

Believe it or not, this is the main door into the castle.
I think that is part of the charm of this place, it's not 
overly grand like a lot of castles or big houses.

Maybe you can recall Merlin's library ceiling
being transformed from white plaster ceiling to a
vaulted ceiling. It might have looked a little like this.

One of the roofs of the castle. I love towers
and round roofs, there's something of the fairy tale
about them.

And a wooden door! I'm a sucker for an
ancient door. I'm not sure how old this one is,
but you can be sure it's been there for an awfully
long time.

This walkway took you round the upper floors
of the castle - from where you can see land -
and any likely enemies. 

A corridor joining the public and private areas
of the castle. The St. Aubyn family still live there,
although the National Trust now own and maintain it.

Two sets of spiral stairs. Remember Uncle
Kitto puffing his way up them?

And this corridor is on the lower floor. It's
where I imagined Nick's 'cell' to be.

Whether it's sunny or cloudy, the island
never fails to capture your imagination. Can you
spot the cottages at the bottom? These were the ones
Tamar was looking at Chapter 1.

Part of the main street in Marazion.

Sorry about the finger! But this is an excellent
view of the castle as seen from part way up the path.
It's easy to see why Arthur (or anyone else) felt attacking it would be

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