Sunday, 17 February 2013

We all have a favourite character - who's yours?

Who is your favourite character in,'The  Golden Sword'?

It could be that at the start you identify with one of the main characters but after a few chapters your allegiance changes.
Mine changes all the time!
I've got a definite fondness for Nick, with his slightly irreverent take on life. I've known and taught quite a few people like him, and although they can be unpredictable, the world would be a boring place without them.
Tamar is feisty - I admire that, she can hold her own in almost any situation.
And she's loyal, she'll be your friend for life, although she doesn't take well to being teased. Especially by Nick!
And as for Arthur. His life is going to get especially complicated. Will he rise to the challenge? Will his friends stay and support him, or will he try to go it alone. He's quietly charismatic, the sort of person that other people look up to and follow - but that doesn't mean he's always willing to accept help! (Maybe we're all a little bit like that.)

In the shiny, updated edition of 'The Golden Sword', I'm enjoying the Watchers and the Writer.
The Writer might not be young, ( in fact she could be very old ) but she is most definitely cool.
I had a teacher who was very like her - I'll call her Mrs W.
Mrs W. taught us French and we would be in BIG trouble if we forgot our homework. She never shouted, she didn't need to because everyone respected her. Mrs W. had white hair which she wore up and she always had her glasses on a string around her neck - just like the Writer.

As for the animals....
Cathe is quite like one of our cats, although I like Mug Shot as well.
My father-in-law was a vet in Plymouth, Pete and I lived above his surgery for a while. Sometimes I would be called down to help with an operation (animals have always played a big part in our lives). Believe me, watching him operate on the animals was enthralling, although probably not to everyone's tastes.

When I was growing up we had Siamese cats and we also had a Boxer dog called Jenny. My cat, Chai, shared her basket from when he was a tiny kitten. Jenny would sit in her basket and then Chai would climb in beside her and Jenny wouldn't move in case she hurt her.
And now I'm sitting at my laptop with my cat, Oz, on my lap!

Book Two has additional animals and some great new characters. Keep an eye on this blog for further updates and for news of the publication of the next in the series of, 'The Camelot Inheritance'.

Since writing this post, 'The Time Smugglers' has been published... it has quite a few new people and animals but I can't tell you my favourite, that might spoil the plot.
And at the time of editing this post (December 2015) I can reveal that the third in the series isn't too far off being published, I'm pretty excited about it.

If you want to write to me I'd love to hear from you, I'd be fascinated to know who, or what, you like in my books.

Until later folks,

Thanks for popping in. X

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