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Tamar's picture & excerpt from, 'The Golden Sword'.

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Tamar Tamblyn

Tamar is one feisty girl who loves her dog - Mug Shot.

Mug Shot as written about, and illustrated by Rosie Morgan

But she doesn't always get on so well with Nick, the third of the three friends who feature in 'The Golden Sword'.

Interesting fact :
If you're from another part of the world, you may not be aware that the river that separates #Cornwall from the rest of the UK is called the River #Tamar.
It doesn't quite cut us off from England, but in many parts of Cornwall we gaze across a fair expanse of water to Devon - whilst the rest of Cornwall is surrounded by the sea.

Cornwall, Kernow
Kernow or Cornwall
It's a beautiful and, usually, tranquil river - quite unlike its namesake in, 'The Golden Sword'.
It maybe this river that makes Cornwall such a proud and individual county, determined to hold on to its ancient Celtic heritage; or it maybe that the Cornish are a defiantly different people. We might be English - but we're Cornish first.  
A tiny excerpt from the book to give a flavour of the girl who more than holds her own in the company of Arthur and Nick.

'Nick was rearranging his rucksack and Tamar was attempting to organise her dog because, in his excitement, Mug Shot had wound his lead tightly around her legs.
She looked down at him tugging impatiently, and muttered, ‘Out with two mad boys and a mad dog. Great.’
Arthur stood silently. He was acutely aware of just what he’d done and couldn’t think of anything to say to make it better.
It was Nick who eventually broke the silence between the three of them. ‘Okay then guys, we’re up here now, so what d’you want to do?’
‘Ask brain of the century not me!’ Tamar snapped.
Nick looked thoughtful. ‘Seems to me that now we’re here we may as well go up to the quarry.It may give us some ideas.’
‘What! Like how to get captured by a mad man with staring eyes, fantastic. Why not? Life is just too boring anyway.’ 

The self-opening book given to Nick
by the mysterious, new teacher at school.
Perhaps their friendship will become closer as their lives are infiltrated by magic, myth and mystery.

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