Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Writing, illustrating and editing in Cornwall

Cornwall in Spring (and a progress report).

I am the most fortunate of writers. I've been pointed in Sally Vince's direction - an editor with super powers. She's already begun work on the third in The Camelot Inheritance series and I'm in awe. It's all really coming together. 
However the title is still being decided upon (see the end of this post). 
And the illustrations are still being drawn. (Again see the end of the post.)
But I'm seriously hoping to have the book out by June. In the meantime I thought I's post a few photos of Cornwall... and some other bits and pieces. 

Bodmin Moor looking towards Dartmoor.
I've been snowed under with writing, editing and illustrating, so with spring nipping at our ankles I've collected a selection of photos of our beautiful moors and coast - the inspiration behind my books - as a sort of apology for being absent for so long.
These first two were taken a couple of weeks ago on Bodmin Moor; home to many sheep, wild ponies, Galloway cattle, rabbits, frogs...

Whereas the ones that follow are at the coast, at Looe - renamed Pendrym in the books.
Pete and I often pop down here, it's just a sort drive from our front door. It never fails to remind us how very fortunate we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world. 

This is just one of Looe's streets, dating back several hundred years. The building you can see on the left of this photo is called the Smugglers Cott - a gorgeous restaurant squeezed into a low-roofed cottage with beams pulled from the wreckage of the Spanish Armada.
The Smugglers Cott in Looe
And then of course there's the beach which features in the first of The Camelot Inheritance books, The Golden Sword. 
In summer it's packed, but in winter and early spring it's quiet with just local families and only a few tourists.

And this is the bridge over the river in Looe. In both my books there are maps, and in each map you'll find that this bridge is featured. Spot the stone-built arches that span the river.

I just couldn't resist this photo. As any of you who've read either of my books will know, a crow is one of the more important central characters, and here was one sitting on one of Looe's signposts.
Look carefully and you'll spot that the railway is signed. This is the same railway that joins Liskeard and Looe, and is featured in the Camelot Inheritance.
The growth of an illustration.
And now - evidence of my illustrating. This picture is for the third book. There's an episode involving a steam train. I won't elaborate because I could spoil it for you!
A train steams through a valley.
And of course, always at my side monitoring my work is Oz, my trusty cat.

Oz checking out my work.
I have a question as I work with my editor and commit drawings to paper - what should I call the book? I've two possible titles: Merlin's Vow or Arthur's Quest. Which do you prefer? If you've got a preference, please do let me know. You can write your choice in my contacts box and don't forget to put your contact details.

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