Thursday, 26 January 2017

Meet Dragon's creator!

Helen - the talent behind the pencil

Too much time has elapsed since Dragon made his entrance in The Time Smugglers; too many months without me introducing you to his creator. 
Helen is one talented person, have a look at these illustrations they speak for themselves - and this is just a hobby! 

Perhaps appropriately, Helen is training in animal psychology - she could start on Dragon, although our cats, Oz and James, could do with a bit of sorting out! 

Yesterday I visited a school not far from where we live. It's a three class village school hidden in the Cornish countryside. (Having taught in village schools, I've experienced the invaluable family-feeling difficult to replicate elsewhere.)

I had a wonderful time with Owl class and its mixture of Year 3 and 4 pupils. Although they're being read the first in The Camelot Inheritance series, I read extracts featuring Dragon from the second in the series . . . and then asked the class to do some writing for me. What a pleasure to listen to the results! 
And then the fun when I asked them to draw a dragon of their own. Inspired by Helen's masterpiece's they set to work and produced dragons of every shape and size, each with their very own dragon personality. 
I haven't space for every drawing, but have a look at this selection. Thank you Owl class for all your work. 😄 And a special thank you to: Abigail, Matilda, May Rose, Oliver, Theo, Blake, Emerald, Paige and Ben.

And Helen's reaction to these Dragon-inspired drawings? Rather pleased I think! Well done Owl Class. 😆

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